Create Your Future Productions

Welcome to Create Your Future Productions. We are a one stop shop for every aspect of media creation. We produce our own podcasts (Wine, Women, and Revolution and State of the Revolution) and video productions in house, and can do the same for your company. We also offer a full range of photo, video, and design services to meet your unique customer needs. Check out our featured podcasts and videos below, and welcome to the family.

What is Wine, Women, and Revolution? It is Activists, Inspiration, Art, Revolution, and Alcohol, all from an intersectional anti-capitalist feminist perspective. We shine a light on a broken system to help begin the conversation about real drastic change.
Watch the trailer for our first feature length production “Journey To Me’ which tells the story of Blake, a presbyterian pastor who’s journey to living his sexuality and authentic self took him on a journey through Texas, Florida, and finally New Jersey.

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