On Sunday September 20th, An amazing group of women came together to talk about politics and activism outside the 2 party system. The panel was organized by Madelyn Hoffman and hosted by Wine, Women, and Revolution’s own Heather Warburton. The women ranged the gamut on activism from healthcare, to early childhood education, to Palestinian rights, to peace, and equality. Their names are: Madelyn Hoffman, Angela Walker, Franca Muller Paz, Jill Stein, Jessica Clayton, Lily Benavides, Hafsa Habehh, Lisa Savage, and Margaret Flowers.

Each woman opened by giving a highlight of their work, and then took questions asked live on facebook and twitter while the panel was streaming. Questions ranged from the Me Too movement, to the Supreme Court, to imperialism, to COVID-19. The discussion was lively and provided crucial information to not just women and non binary people, but anyone interested in activism or politics.

You can watch the video of the event on Youtube here.


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