In this brand new episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews South Jersey artist and activist Jeff Quattrone. Jeff talks about how his discovery that food could go extinct sparked his activism in food sovereignty. At its roots, food sovereignty is about protecting the rights of people to secure local and culturally appropriate food. In a capitalist society just a few companies own all aspects of food production. To help combat this, Jeff has started organizing library seed banks here in South Jersey. These seed banks are incorporated into already existing libraries and provide free seeds to patrons and the community.

Jeff talks about a new project he just launched “Sovereignty Gardens” which is a offshoot of victory garden themed propaganda artwork he created. This new project is an organizing tool for those who want to organize around seeds, bees, food, and rights. There is a place for anyone who is interested in learning about and being a part of one of our most basic human rights – food. The website will also be the home of a new podcast he is launching soon all about food and food rights.

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