In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews Atlantic City activist Henry Green. They talk about everything from Henry’s run for office, to cannabis legalization, to the Green Party, to Steve Young and the Expressway 7. Henry also highlights his new show AC 411 where he is back with his longtime friend and media partner Kevin Hall from The Kevin Hall Show Program. They were off the air for a little while but they are back and just as good as ever. Its always a pleasure to hear Henry’s thoughts about how Atlantic City should be the shining jewel it deserves to be. Like always, it comes down to having people looking to serve the city. Henry is a true servant of the people.

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Henry Green 0:00
I’m still trying to do to be passionate about the things I’m passionate about still trying to have the positive spirit that that I was that my mother instilled in me. Moving forward despite the conflicts and the battles and the ups and downs of life.

Heather Warburton 0:19
This is Wine Women and Revolution with your host, Heather Warburton. Hi, and welcome to Wine Women and Revolution. I’m your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on our new home of Create Your Future Productions and loving my new home here and I figured it was time to catch up with an old friend on my new network. If you followed me back in the days, you know, I had on a couple of times Mr. Henry Hank Green and when he ran for mayor I supported and endorsed him. And now it’s probably been a long time since we’ve talked Henry. How long have you been?

Henry Green 0:58
Oh man, it’s been too long. It’s been too long. I’m happy to just feel your spirit, that feels like you feel like you happy I was looking at your pictures the other day your anniversary. That was really cute.

Heather Warburton 1:09
Yeah, we took I needed a vacation so badly. I just needed some relaxation. So that was good.

Henry Green 1:18
It was cool, though. Man. I really like those pictures of the tux

Heather Warburton 1:26
So everybody knows what I’ve been doing. I’ve been launching this new network, but what have you been up to? You’ve been a busy man too, right?

Henry Green 1:33
Well, kinda sorta. It’s, um, it’s been kind of hectic. This virus, this pandemic coronavirus, has changed our lives completely and how things have been going. And it’s really, it’s been really frustrating. And it’s been bad, it really hasn’t been good. A lot of good people that I’ve known. And I’ve passed on throughout this process. And it hasn’t been good. You know, I mean, for for a lot of people that I know, and you know, things like that. But what we can do is just keep moving forward and try to move forward. I keep trying to be positive, optimistic. I mean, about what’s to come in the future, something something. Oh, it’s been hard man, you know, man, I’ve been in a depression battling depression and all this stuff. And it’s been difficult. But what you know, I’ve always been told is that you know me, when you fall down, you know, I mean, long as you get back up, you know, what I mean? You know, that’s all you can do, really, at the end of the day, so we get back up. I’m swinging again, and trying to take my best step forward and build on some things far from where I would like to be physically, mentally, and everything, At the end of the day, but I’m still trying to do, to be passionate about the things I’m passionate about still trying to have a positive spirit that, that I was, that my mother instilled in me to keep moving forward, despite the conflicts, or the battles and ups and downs of life. And, and, and just be honest to yourself, and be honest about whatever it is that you’re doing.

You know, I’m being honest right now. And so with that, you know, we try, I tried to do some positive things me and my friend Kevin Hall, we were once on WOND for seven years. And now we’ve taken on this new podcast, and we’re trying to build upon that as we do on a Facebook Live, it’s not even a real podcast, podcast yet. We’re trying to build it and get some backing and support and making that the best it can be. But we’re doing what we have, you know, trying to be resourceful. I think that’s my big, best quality is resourcefulness and especially in troubling times and hard times. And I’ve been able to, we’ve been able to put together some really good shows on AC 411, you have to check it out, is on Henry Hank Green, but you’re gonna see it real soon, under his own name of AC 411. And I’ll be reaching out. We doing promotions and things like that. But it’s really been getting a great response. A lot of hits and shares on Facebook, and things like that. I don’t even know about those things. Thats what people are telling me so I don’t even know how you even see those things.

Heather Warburton 4:22
Yeah, I’ve seen some of your episodes, too. That was one of the first things I wanted to talk about was you know, it’s really great seeing you and Kevin back together again, cuz I always love the dynamic of the two of you together. You know, when Kevin’s being a little skeptical when you’re being passionate about things and Kevin’s kind of sitting back being a little like, cynical like what are you doing? You know, I love the two of you together

Henry Green 4:44
You know what, that’s the dynamic and the beauty of the dynamic of this is why I am so passionate. Kevin and I go through our ups and downs and because we were battling a lot of different things with being in Atlantic City saying the things we said and having this platform and expressing our views. And it comes with a lot of backlash, you know, A lot of times and many people don’t understand it and know that, especially with the growth in our city and trying to be great and have a family and take care of your family, your bills, your responsibility, and still be true to the community and be an advocate and things like that. And then have to fight an uphill battle against the people who you think that should be understanding where you’re coming from and supporting you. And it’s been it’s been difficult. And, but but Kevin has been great, it’s showed me so much. The confidence that he has in me and my ability to be able to translate to media or to the radio and things like that from an advocate format from you know, someone that’s working with children and things like that, to this particular platform. And it was, I, you know, I don’t know what he saw, but he helped me along. He still has faith in me and believe in me, even when I’m out of control sometimes on the show, and but, you know, he’s told me, he showed me a lot. And you know, I mean, and I appreciate the opportunity to to give me this platform to be able to try to share some of this stuff with the community with people that are you know, me with ideas and things that I’m passionate about.

Heather Warburton 6:15
Right, you can see that you guys just have such a mutual respect for each other, you know, mutual admiration society there,

Henry Green 6:21
Martin and Malcolm.

Heather Warburton 6:23
There you go.

I wanted to you know, one thing that I think everyone knows from your run for mayor in Atlantic City, or just hearing you speak, you are passionate about Atlantic City, that’s, that’s your home, you know, that’s your baby. That’s where you grew up. And there’s a lot going on in Atlantic City that I hoped we could dive into a little bit here today.

Henry Green 6:49
Oh, yeah, well, I guess it’s a lot, it is my home, and I do love it, I do care about it, I’m just as passionate about it as anyone else. You know, I love the world and see it for the beauty that it has been, and what it could be. I think our our, our sites are..the bar is set real low. At this moment, for the community for as a whole. And we have to have bigger and better expectations for everyone, my children, our schools, and everyone else has to be held to a higher esteem to expect excellence. And if we striving for excellence, and you fall somewhere in between, it’s okay. You know what I mean? It’s okay. But, um, I think that’s where we lacking now, where we have a dummy down effect, where people who don’t want people to, they want to control people, they want people to be docile, and controllable, and not involved and not speak they voice, you know. They have to be able to think for themselves, and to make decisions, you know, to be able to hold folks accountable. And so I’ve seen too much of that. And that’s what pushed me to run, you know, the mean, all those other times that I ran?

Heather Warburton 8:05
Well, I guess that’s the big question there. Are you gonna be running again?

Henry Green 8:09

I feel like it’s unfinished business, personally, and I believe that it’s a certain culture that has been laid and has a foundation in the city, and has been laid. And as long as people from that core value of power to politics should be ran and things should be done in the city, Atlantic City has the same understanding and mentality, that it will continue probably to operate in that manner. And I think, you know, now’s the best time right now to be able to jump in and do some things would be when the state is in there. And so you can change some of the things like police having a law or something saying that they can live in the city, they can live outside the city, when they probably should be living in the city and being a part of the city and things like that. But they say that, there’s some type of law or some type of thing where that can’t happen. But if you can take over the whole city and control the whole city, then you can change it all about some police moving in and out of the city. I know that’s something that could be done. If the state can have that type of power to take over someone’s civil service. And people in the city of Atlantic City don’t even have civil service at the end of the day, and no protection for their jobs and the rest, everybody else in the state of New Jersey have civil service. But the people in Atlantic City don’t have no civil service. How discriminatory is that? You know, how unequal is that? And then to say that you can’t have you don’t have the power to make some police or whoever that works in the city of Atlantic City makes sure that they work here. They live here. You know, I mean, they they, you know, they they pay taxes and are living in the city of Atlantic City and things like that.

Heather Warburton 9:50
Right laws are written by people. It’s people that can change those laws like they’re just something written on paper. You can write something else on a piece of paper and make the police have to be accountable to a community that they live in, rather than who knows where they’re from and what they’re doing when they go home at night.

Henry Green 10:07
But, you know, I think it applies that, you know, when they try to make these, you know, this law, you know, throw this law out here, I’m gonna hold up, you just did a bunch of laws that contradicted the law, you can’t tell me that we can’t change this law, if you just did all of these different things, you put the PILOT in place, you know, taxes, everyone’s supposed to be taxed equally, but yet, the casinos have a stable set of tax base for them, that they only go and pay a certain amount of taxes. And then the residents and business owners have to figure out if the city needs more money, how to get it out of them, you know, things like that. So that’s unfair and unequal. There’s a lot of unequal things that are going on in Atlantic City as far as the revenue that is coming to the city. And actually where it’s going and how it’s being utilized. A lot of money is being utilized from CRDA and AC Dev CO into this new Stockton thing. And, you know, when people want to know about that, you know, how does that benefit actually, the people who live where I live, you know, that just walking around like me whoever, the people was paying tax and people just paying rent, but people just buying these, you know, these high packs of cigarettes and things that they prices that they jacking up, gas, these tolls? How does that.. how do those things translate back to them and helping them at the end of the day, because I don’t, I don’t see that happening being on the ground.

Heather Warburton 11:26
Right, like a lot of the stuff like the Stockton and the tourism section sounds a lot more like gentrification than it is actually helping the people in the city. It sounds more like it’s hurting the people in the city than helping.

Henry Green 11:38
It’s all about contracts and land usages. And people getting kickbacks, the jokers from AC Dev Co and all those guys from Christie, that they put up the head of that particular organization, what not, and they get that free money from CRDA, our money to, to to to flip that money, they hustle them for real, they hustle in the state and everything using other people’s money, using our money right here CRDA to flip to buy land and different things South Jersey gas and Stockton, and all these other things like that they own the land now, you know, you mean, and we pay for it, basically, but they own it.

Heather Warburton 12:11
Right? And they’re gonna make the profits off, but not people like us profits

Henry Green 12:14
So what’s the city? What’s the benefits for the city? I don’t even think they have a real clear cut plan on how to inject Atlantic City students into Stockton or to Atlantic City itself into that property or anything over there. You know, what’s the idea of including, especially systems way on other end of the town?

Heather Warburton 12:35
Right. And we saw what this model looks like in Camden. You know, there’s like this walled city almost for all the businesses. And it’s a total campus, that’s a city unto itself, surrounded by the rest of Camden. And it doesn’t do anything for the people of Camden. And it sounds like Atlantic City is like following that model, and not in any sort of good way every wrong thing they did in Camden, it seems like they’re trying to do in Atlantic City.

Well, when you have no opposition to leadership, opposition, or the couple of people like me to get that, that had been fighting against really fighting against it. And they’ve been pointed out for you, this is how I learned about it. You know, it’s the only certain people’s point now talking about what the state was doing. How it was a civil rights violation and all the things that they were doing, and then me learning for myself, reading some of the statutory laws and laws that they put in place with this particular PILOT program was based off of the Camden program. And the fact that no one really objected to everything that the state was doing. They basically signed off on everything. But where they get caught up is that you signed off on it. It doesn’t say that the state made me do this. They said, these are the things we want done. You guys voted on it, and said, check. Yes, yes, yes, yes. You know, when you could have said, No, no, no, no, no! Because I saw Marty and everybody else can said we can’t do anything. The state has the power to do what he wants. So you could say no to it, but the state you got the power, they now do what you do. So the state ultimately is off the hook. Because none of them said no, all of them said yeah, look like they were okay with it. And it was their decision. You can’t go back five years later and be like, well, it doesn’t say you’re here nowhere. That staging thing I said use check. Yes, you check. Yes. You said yes. You said you guys put this in under your name and signed off on it. And no, it doesn’t says nothing about the state are no one in the state… nobody.

Right. So you didn’t quite answer my question of are you running again? You know, you’ve got a lot of changes tht you want to see, Are you gonna be on the ballot next year for people to vote for you and vote for these changes you want to see.

Henry Green 14:47
I don’t know what what I don’t have. I have I haven’t made that decision. But what I have been thinking about was establishing the Green Party in Atlantic City.

Heather Warburton 14:58
Right, yeah, my listerns know I am affilliated with The Green Party

Henry Green 15:03
.And I wanted to reach out to you to make sure before I do anything, that we establish the Green Party and walk through and have our platform and go through the city and talk to people about the platform of the Green Party with the expectations that they would have, if I was to bring it as a candidate, these would be the expectations of the types of things that I have listed out, you know, to me, what Green Party is about. And it’s about all of us collectively, having input on different things and building a framework, and a body that represents all of us as a whole. And then, you know, the equalities, you know, of course, some of the equalities of things about minorities will be at the forefront of a lot of the issues. But at the end of the day, you know, any poor person is going to agree to the types of things that we’re talking about. Any liberal, fair minded person would agree to the platform that we’re talking about with the equality, justice, climate change, you know, fairness for for LGBTQ people to be who they are, what they want to be. How they want to live.

Heather Warburton 16:10
Yeah, I think we’re gonna have to have some conversations off the air, because you may not be the only green running in the Atlantic County area next time around, you know,

Henry Green 16:20
So what I’m just saying, it’s time to build Atlantic City, and Atlantic County Greens, and build around both of those, those agendas. And I could, I would definitely need your help to get started. And I would like to have your help to get started and getting that rolling. And sharing those, those qualities because the democrats are falling apart and falling out in this area, they not to be trusted. So and people don’t trust that they just don’t know what they got to do right now, given that you know, what they have on the list, but we can start creating a good list of a slate of individuals to run for and that third column or first column However, they want to put us wherever you want to put this, because I think the light will shine. When we started earlier that light was shining, definitely bright, so bright on us. And you I mean, what we’re trying to do in the type of people that we’ve tried to put, you know, expose and bring together you know, me as one we can we can change a lot of things. We can unseat, we can change all the school board seats, everything. And but we just talking about the vision that we have a unified vision that we are in the platform that we already have working.

Heather Warburton 17:32
Yeah, I’m down for it.

Henry Green 17:33
So Maybe

Maybe I don’t know, I don’t know the answer is maybe.

Heather Warburton 17:37
But it sounds promising. And sounds like you are not done with politics in Atlantic City by a longshot.

Henry Green 17:44
I think that you can, you can probably get, there’s a lot of stuff that maybe you can get done with if you get the other people the right people in the right places. And everyone is everyone don’t have that same vision. That’s the one that’s clouding our area. There are other people who feel like I feel who just believe that they need an opportunity to get in and make and do something and think a different energy in a different or that really, that affects everyone in the community that wants to rise up and build our community. And that makes us better on every level, no matter what you’re doing. I send anybody but you know, all right, we can all do more and be better and you know, and we’ll have better expectations of what’s supposed to be for us. They don’t have expectations for things, but I’m the person who say, Oh, no, no, no, it’s your right to be provided with a proper education for your child and the proper services for this in a proper representation for that. You know, to me, that’s just how I was just naturally supposed to be you shouldn;t have to work for it or demand or beg for these particular things

Heather Warburton 18:55
It should just be your rights for being a person. You’re a person they have certain rights and that’s not something that you should have to negotiate for. Oh, please recognize me as a person. Fuck That!

Henry Green 19:09
That’s cool. You got a lot of people doing.. Did you see that video of all those Trump cars riding through Pleasantville and stuff like that.

Heather Warburton 19:15
No, but I actuallt saw them one day I was in Absecon which for my listeners who don’t know is right outside of Atlantic City, and I must have seen probably 20 big trucks like lifted big trucks driving down the pike. Which is the Black, no… the White Horse Pike there and I’m seeking them blocking traffic with Trump flags blaring music I was scared like I was reaching out to people like is there like a takeover happening?

Henry Green 19:44
You know they came to Pleasantville and they got it on video. They started fighting. Grabbing the one guy broke one of the guys windows and they got a little loose. Somebody is talking about in the paper today. One of the guys. Young boys young kids, young guys broke the lights got charged.

Heather Warburton 20:04
But of course these people that are driving around creating a nuisance aren’t getting charged.

Henry Green 20:08
Like, like, why are you trying to just go make trouble. Just go vote, if you feel that you love them like that, go make your vote. You’re not going to change nobody’s mind who already hate this guy.

Heather Warburton 20:18
Right? I’ve already got my I already voted already. You know, I put my vote in the mailbox. Like, my vote is locked in, you’re not going to change my opinion. You’re just doing this for yourself at this point in time.

Henry Green 20:29
I mean, what’s today Tuesday?

Heather Warburton 20:31
Yeah, we’re recording this on Tuesday. The 13th.

Henry Green 20:35
Oh, today’s the last day for voting for registration.

Heather Warburton 20:38
Yep. So So by the time people hear this already be too late for voter registration.

Henry Green 20:45
Okay, okay. Well, yeah, we’ve got a little late for that then. But um, yeah, today’s the last day for voter registration. So we just got to keep on banging people telling people to turn the balance and make sure that your addresses um, you have the right address, you know, check maybe you might want to call the county clerk’s office and then check and see what you have down for your address moved or, you know, something you know, something crazy is having different No, right yeah, post offices act is kind of funny right now.

Heather Warburton 21:15
Yeah, it’s taking forever that’s why I mailed mine so early.

Henry Green 21:20
I said this money order off, man. I’m still waiting lady go call me back complain about this money. And I’m like, Man, I’ve dropped that thing and the mailbox.

Heather Warburton 21:32
Right. That’s another thing that people are defunding the postal system.

Henry Green 21:37
Geez, this lady for the election. Because I didn’t file the last time when when I ran. She charged me money because she couldn’t find me. I don’t know what it whatever it was, but because they were investigating Frank Gilliam. I had to send them my stuff or whatever it is. So I never said You know, when I finally sent it to her, she’s like, Oh, well, you got to fine now.

Heather Warburton 22:02
They fined you for running before? Is that what you just said?

Henry Green 22:05
She fined me because she couldn’t find me. She sent the sheriff to my mom’s house. And everything else.

It was crazy. Yeah. We came up with a low fine, or whatever it is. Because I told her you know what? I’m got a right to a hearing, man, because I’m the only one that probably got a fine out this whole deal. Because you mad because you probably couldn’t get your report in the time or whatever it is that you want to fine me when really you just you know, I didn’t make no money I didn’t get no you know, so but I said I’m but she said Oh, you you only owe this amount to 287. But whatever it was, I got the money order, and was stamped it, whatever it is, I put it in the mailbox. And I was wondering if the mailbox maybe the mailbox ain’t even working. I don’t know what’s going on. All I know is,

Heather Warburton 22:57
Well, you should not be fined for having run for office. You should not be paying fines for having run for office. Like you should set up a GoFundMe for this or something. You should not be on the hook

Henry Green 23:08
And I don’t know what’s happening, when is gonna ultimately, ultimately arrive there.

Heather Warburton 23:14
It sounds like you need to set up a GoFundMe to raise money for that. Because if you’re getting fined because you ran for office in the past, because you didn’t even do anything wrong. It was somebody else who, you know, was doing something wrong.

Henry Green 23:27
She just couldn’t get in touch with me. And she’s gotten in touch with everybody else. And so she, I guess she was she was, you know, whatever.

Heather Warburton 23:36
She was taking it out on you.

Henry Green 23:39
This was like, we just got I’ve been reaching out looking for you. I was like, Well, I don’t have money. So well, you need I had to do something send her something. I don’t know, saying I didn’t have money. I didn’t get no money. But I did that part that she said, Well, you still I’m still fining you this amount of money. But anyway, yeah, that was something crazy with this election, so some but but something that I’m gonna have to deal with, because

Heather Warburton 24:10
They just don’t like your vision and what you’re saying, you know, you’re you always get pushed back on.

Henry Green 24:15
She just didn’t get that check. That’s all she was waiting on. And that’s what it’s really about. I just got to clear it up and get that money too early. Like I said, already sent it, but I don’t have $287 another $287 just sitting around. I got my receipt. Right. You know, so.

Heather Warburton 24:36
Yeah. Do you want to talk anymore about, you know, the former mayor of Atlantic City and what’s going on with Steve Young and all kinds of stuff going on in Atlantic City?

Henry Green 24:48
Well, former Well, I think I haven’t heard much about Mayor Gilliam. I guess he’s going through his thing. I know he had a case, he postponing his case and whatever’s going on with. So hopefully he works that out for him. Steve Young. He’s no longer part of the Democratic Party. He’s dropped them said they’d haven’t had no respect for black folks. And you know, in this area, they’ve taken advantage of them. And they use them. And, you know, a bunch of accusations but he resigns for some of these posts from Atlantic City and Atlantic county Democrats. And besides that, he has a case going on with the expressway with black lives matter. Him and the expressway seven, as they call themselves.

Heather Warburton 25:36
They actuallty went out onto the expressway during a protest and have gotten in trouble for that.

Henry Green 25:44
So with Steve, so no, they still have that that’s all going him in the mayor’s are bumping heads with that. That particular issue. There is a big thing going on tonight at the school board meeting. So I’m waiting to hear about that because the school board race also the school school board race. Well, we’re looking forward to having some of the school board candidates probably on our show. sometime this week, maybe as early as..whats tomorrow’s date

Heather Warburton 26:12
the 14

Henry Green 26:13
The 14th.

So sometime this week, I’m really looking forward to having some of the candidates that are running for school board in Atlantic City on our show and get a chance to talk. And the last couple of shows that we had an AC 411 were pretty intense . And were pretty interesting. We had Tom forking on also way we have Celeste Fernandez on

Heather Warburton 26:35
Yeah, she’s running for Freeholder this year, right?

Henry Green 26:38
Yes. So we are on and see, with some of these topics and issues that are going on, we want to be on top of those things. We’ve been talking about a lot of news with Donald Trump where I don’t necessarily want to talk about his COVID or anything like that. I want to talk about the supreme court hearing that’s going on and how they change the rules. As usual, we’ll say one thing. And with Obama, the black man, he said he can’t have no justices in an election year. And they pulled the old switcheroo on them and right now, but I’m just so upset with Democrats because they don’t have no fight in them. You know, what can they do? I don’t know. But they should try to figure out something maybe they shouldn’t have showed up. None of them should just let them have the hearing by themselves. Not all of them show up. And none of them show up to the to the hearing. And just America. No, that person said what you saying? Nobody, none of the democrats show up and talk about none of that mess. You know what I mean? But they did this, this what they said last time, and this is how its supposed to be period. You know, to me, and they’re gonna be showing up and no democrats won’t be here. And if you do that, then you this is what you’ve done the American people wrong, and they see how wrong you are. And then once they do it, you go on to your, and then y’all go on attack, or you’re going to mean, but you know.

Heather Warburton 28:02
I’ve heard I forget who made the quote, I wish I could remember. But you know, it’s democrats aren’t… they call themselves the resistance, but they’re not the resistance they are the assistance.

Henry Green 28:13
Yeah. Yeah. Because, you know, whatever they doing right now, basically said, Why why even fight it then if you’re not even gonna fight it. Then just step and get the hell out the way and let them go? But they won’t do it?

Heather Warburton 28:25
I think that’s a big thing is you’ve got to stand by what you say, you know, if you say you believe in something, then you’ve got to show up for it. And that was one of the things with Steve Young, like people are saying, not so pleasant things about Steve Young. But do you know how many things I’ve been to that I’ve seen Steve Young at? You know, how many events how many marches? How many Freeholder meetings, I’ve seen him on the ground, doing stuff that I haven’t seen any of these other people at? You know, like the chairman of the Atlantic County Democrats. What have you seen him at? You know, what have you seen?

Henry Green 28:58
Thats why I resepect him. The rest of those Democrats aint in the streets doing nothing.

Heather Warburton 29:03
Right, yeah.

Henry Green 29:06
All these issues, concerns, whatever it is, like you said, you see Steve, and all of these things. So those people are not even there. He’s, he’s, he’s everywhere. He’s there. He’s on the ground. He’s participating with other people who are saying what they’re saying. I don’t think no one’s perfect. But the fact thatthey are talking as if he’s, he’s, he’s this monster. Nah, he’s not far from it.

Heather Warburton 29:39
Right. I remember there was a Freeholder meeting in Atlantic County, they were going to pass this really bad policy that kind of supported ICE and was very derogatory towards immigrants. And the immigrant community asked people to come and show up. And Steve Young was there. You know, Steve Young got up and he spoke And I was appalled at how few people showed up to support the immigrant community that day. But Steve Young was there. So, you know, he should get credit for that, you know that he’s always there.

Henry Green 30:14
And so, you know, what that like, you know, sometimes some stuff I might not necessarily agree with, but I’m not going to turn my back on Steve. Nah, he’s too valuable to our community to do. So when you don’t I mean, when stuff get tough for him that everybody going to take off running? You know, so he needs supporters. You know, I’m one of those supporters.

Heather Warburton 30:36
Yeah, I’ll always give him credit for Hey, you know, I think you’ve got to be an activist before you can be a community leader. Before you can hold office. You’ve got to be an activist first, and he’s an activist first.

Henry Green 30:47
Mm hmm.

Definitely. I don’t know. Other than that, it’s there’s a lot of stuff really happened in Atlantic City. There’s really no real good transparency with the using the Coronavirus as an excuse to not open up the coffers or to see what’s going on. A lot of services like a lot of these services been going on conference calls and things like that. And yet now he’s like, Oh, it’s Coronavirus. You know, we know we’re not doing business in administrative law department. You know, I got an administrative law case going on. We’ve only had conference calls. I’m trying to figure out why are we not working there? Why are we not still now working. What’s going on? What’s the holdup? You know, why is the administrative law out of business? He doesn’t have whatever it is when we’ve been just talking from our phones on conference calls anyway. Not face to face. What do you need to be home for? I bet you’re still getting paid. This government people still getting paid this money, right getting this money, and they not even done was not even doing the service of the people. At the end of the day? Yeah. Just you know what I mean? You know, waste of money. stuff is crazy.

Heather Warburton 32:00
Oh, there’s one more thing I wanted to talk about. Cuz we’re already at a half hour. And usually I like to wrap it up at a half hour. But I can’t let you go without talking about this year on the ballot. Legal Cannabis. Where do you stand on? are you voting yes or no?

Henry Green 32:14
I;m voting No

Heather Warburton 32:18
I said, I’m voting no as well. Same, because there’s no justice in this. Right.

Henry Green 32:23
It’s just a bad bill. You know, the first thing is, how do you vote for something that… Firstly, I don’t even know the rules? Or how is it being established? First and foremost? Why are they going to make the rules of after they establish it? Right? It’s crazy. But they base it on social justice. And there wn’t be. I truly believe that there will be no social justice. And I think that people still will be incarcerated . Personally, I believe it’s just access for for white folks to have easier access so they can get marijuana. So they can get rich with the corporation. We don’t have the new corporations. They, you know, they might install one minority here and there to say they have a minority, but really, you know, they they’re a token, they’ve really not making nothing out of it, really. And they’re using a couple of them here and there. But black folks and minorities, how do you get left out of a Social Justice Initiative, and you’re not part of it. I need a billion dollars to be able to participate and be able to you know, when really we know that all we don’t need that in order to get into the marijuana market. It dont take much to get started before you can grow. There’s you know, if you have a good plan, and save good, and take out the taxes for the government, hey, why cant I do that?

Heather Warburton 33:44
Right? And I mean, we’ve got to be honest, look who this industry is built historically on the backs of. Who’s put in all the labor who’s put in the groundwork, who’s risked their lives and gone to jail over this industry. And now the guys in suits are swooping in, you know, it is not the white guys in suits who went to jail for this industry who lost years of their lives for this industry. And now they’re just showing up to collect the paycheck.

Henry Green 34:13
Well, I think that most of the politicians are taking kickbacks and funds and support from these cannabis industry insiders, lobbyists. And you need to check their lobby check their money, where they get some of that money from and you know, who support and why they’re supporting it. And what this is all about at the end of the day. But again, we don’t have the platform to to inform our public and making to get them more sure what’s going on. You know, I’ve seen some platforms in Chicago where they had some of these programs where they will go into all the meetings to have somebody documentaries its called. And they go to all the meetings and is the whatever meeting in a city: school board meeting, in the public safety meeting, whatever meetings are going on, whatever its on. The public meetings and things like that. Someone goes take down all the notes and put them on a platform, whatever it is, and put them up for people be able to see on a website and things like that all the things. Whatever initiative, there’s initiating things that they change in whatever it is. So people know and understand what’s what’s going on. That’s something that’s a nonprofit that people itself had to do had to go about, and put that together, that were wanting to, you know, make sure people were informed of what was happening. And I just found that to be a really good program. And I, you know, I plan to I had planned to go out there to Chicago last year, to actually go and be a part of one of their programs and try to sit in for six weeks or something like that to be a part of the program. But I would love to be able to, to, for us to have something like that implemented here in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, so so people really can be informed that they want to.

Heather Warburton 35:55
Yeah, it’s a good idea, because there’s not good independent media, in Atlantic City or Atlanta County, like, you guys are doing independent media, I’m doing independent media, but how many of us are there that are really doing independent, non corporate owned media, it’s not much in Atlantic county at all?

Henry Green 36:17
Well, we got to make sure we, we share so much with negative stuff and tick tock and this and that we need to share some, you know, within our community, some of the wisdom of things that people should be looking at sometimes. It takes some of us other people to be brave enough to say, hey, you’ve been telling me, you know, we’ll talk about the shows like AC 411, or Wine, Women and Revolution, these shows that are locally situated where actually the regular people of the community have an opportunity to share insights from their perspective actually on the ground, what’s happening, and how things are affecting people and things like that. And so, you know, many people don’t know how to, to, to utilize those social media. So we have to be on the forefront of figuring out how to use it and make sure they get it and and be able to use it so they can benefit from it. I don’t have the answers to that. I don’t have the answers to that. That’s just a theory.

Heather Warburton 37:16
No, I think you’re, you know, we’ve got to get the message out. And the community needs to understand they have these tools in their hands that they can use that, you know, until really the community starts using and learning from and hearing different opinions and perspectives like you guys are doing. And like just last week, I had some people from a police abolition collective that started out at Stockton was where I originally and then they released a list of demands for the police in Atlantic City. And they just got a lot of pushback, even though like what they were saying was, hey, maybe the people should be in chargeof the police in Atlantic City, they got all this pushback for their organization, when really like what they’re asking was kinda resonable.

Henry Green 38:00
Its reasonable, right. But see more people with what happens is few people are sharing and getting a chance to hear that idea. Probably, the more people get a chance to take the time to listen to hear that idea. They’ll probably more or less agree with you, you know, whether it’s, you know, something they agree with or not, like, wow, you know, I’ve never heard anybody say that before, then, you know, maybe you started thinking about that. You say well “that’s different”. And then you share it with someone else that maybe normally wouldn’t have heard that or took that and thought people would think like that. They don’t think like that. But I would think that I could get in trouble for thinking like that. People who are too afraid of this stuff like that. Yeah. So yeah, you know, stuff is, but my but I really would like to see minorities be involved in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, and have the opportunities to be involved financially, as owners, as growers as whatever store shops, whatever ideas that ultimately come up right now with limited thought that the city of Atlantic City should have had before even the legalization just sat down with the community and talk to the community about what they’re willing to accept and what they will not want, what they don’t want. and present them with some ideas of what could be done or how those things could be done with taste. Before the state, you know, figure out you know, or someone else come in and figure out what to do you know, I mean, we can set the market right we can put them things where we want to have them outside of our children and you know, make the rules where we actually benefit from from having it

Heather Warburton 39:43
and let’s be honest, the state weed kind of sucks the state weed is not good.

Henry Green 39:48
Yeah, I’ve heard such things and I don’t know I don’t know I’ve never had any you know,

Heather Warburton 40:06
Well, I think we’re just about out of time for today we went a little bit over I like to try to keep my episodes for a half hour, but it’s been so much fun talking to you. And we need to keep doing this more often we need to not go so long without doing this.

Henry Green 40:20
Next time we’ll add weed man on it.

Heather Warburton 40:22
Absolutely. I love weed man.

To my listeners, thank you so much for joining us again here today. We strive here at Wine, Women and Revolution to be a revolutionary voice from an intersectional feminist perspective. We want those that are marginalized and beat down by society to have a chance to really say what they want and what they need and everyone deserves a what a voice and an outlet for that voice. So thank you so much for joining us here today. The future is to create go out there and create it

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